Neurological disorder and Panchkarma form a single word – NeuroPanch. Which broadly means treating neurological disorder by Panchkarma-branch of Ayurveda(An ancient science of india) it is initiated with a view to not only to promote Ayurved and quality treatment to all sectors of our society but also to extend it’s value to overseas.

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Vision Sukhadi Project

The Sukhadi Project ( Healthiest food item to carrying women ) submitted to the govt. of Gujarat as per the vision of Hon. Prime Minister shri Narendrabhai Modi. This is the unique combination of Ayurvedic ingredients. All the health related parameters were kept in mind like calorie, calcium, Iron, fat as supplements. The experience observed that the pregnant women who had taken this supplements as per instruction their children were more healthy in physical and mental ways.

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Patients Speaks

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Books Publication on Health Awareness

Health and Diet
9 Edition with 45,800 copy
Health and Daily Routine(lifestyle)
2 Edition with 39,000 copy
Panchgavya treatment – A Unique Experiment in Gujarati
1 Edition with 10,000 copy
Panchgavya treatment – A Unique Experiment in Hindi
1 Edition with 10,000 copy
Ayurvedic Sukhadi(a nourishing sweet) for Pregnant Women
1 Edition with 10,000 copy
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